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The Ultimate Guide to Promoting a Book Launch

“As an author, a marketer at a publishing house, or anyone else working on a book release, there’s a wide array of tactics you can use to promote a book launch. To help you develop a marketing plan for your next release, we created The Ultimate Guide to Promoting a Book Launch!

This guide will walk you through the stages of a book launch, with examples of how successful authors have promoted their new releases at every step in the process. Some of these marketing ideas will help you drive preorders and book sales now, while others are geared towards building the buzz and brand awareness that leads to future sales.”


I'm a bilingual Peruvian-American who specializes in social media marketing in the U.S. and Latin America, with a strong focus in developing strategy for startups and nonprofit organizations. I have ten years of practical experience in branding, digital marketing and social media. In 2017, I founded SAAV Media, a social media marketing studio advancing brands through captivating Spanish-speaking audiences with culturally-relevant content. We provide project-based and monthly retainer services managing social media marketing tasks. Also, I #workfromanywhere, am fluent in both Spanish and English and am always looking for new collaborations.

What's your biggest social media question right now?

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