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Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

We personalize our services to fit what you and your brand are looking for. Our services fall into three categories: monthly social media service retainers, support on a one-time project or training. No matter what you’re looking for, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with us or download your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar Template. In the meantime, you can browse our most popular services:

SAAV Media Online Presence Sweep


After your free consultation and once we decide to work together, SAAV Media starts with a discovery phase where we take one week to dive into your digital presence. We review your website, social media profiles, Google search results, and more. Based on our findings, we produce a report giving you a snapshot of what we found. We include a list of optimizations to improve your overall brand cohesion. We then decide on which changes you can make yourself and where we can support you.

SAAV Media Social Media Content Creation

Content Creation
in English & Spanish

We build out your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar with all of your posts for the month. This is a template that includes all of your social media profiles and the days of the week. We develop the messaging, call-to-action links, and images/videos for every post we publish for that month. Planning your content ahead is key. SAAV Media can develop the content for you so all you have to do is review it. We also offer in-house graphic design solutions.

SAAV Media Social Media Community Management

Community Management
in English & Spanish

Community Management is a service where we monitor your social media profiles 3 to 4 times per week to answer questions, inspire engagement and conversation and review comments. It is important to build and foster a strong social media community. SAAV Media can manage your daily and weekly posting and community managing and act as the brand. We work with you to build a customer service script to understand how best to answer your FAQs. This allows us to manage all of your comments, direct messages and incite more engagement from your followers in English and Spanish.

SAAV Media Social Media Advertising

Social Media

Social media advertising is an ongoing optimization process that consists of finding the right target audiences for your business. Not only do we create, place, and monitor your ads, we also work with you to match your ads with your business objectives and test audiences to see how to get you the best monthly advertising ROI. We have the know-how and experience to manage and optimize your ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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How We Can Work Together

SAAV Media works on a one-time, hourly and monthly retainer basis. Here are three ways we offer of working together:

SAAV Media Monthly Social Media Services

Monthly Retainer

Together, we can define a list of tasks you would like SAAV Media to execute every month. While we charge hourly, you can cap the number of hours we work for you per month to stay within your budget. Our most popular monthly services include content creation in English and Spanish, community management, social media advertising, and monthly reporting. We work efficiently and will always provide you with a time report so you know where our hours are spent.

SAAV Media Social Media Campaign

One-Time Package

Whether you have a seasonal campaign coming-up, need extra community management support during a certain time-frame, or simply want to hire us to assess your online presence, we can create a custom package for your short-term project. We can either bill you hourly or pre-determine a one-time package cost with clear deliverables. Schedule your free social media consultation to tell us more about your project so we can send you customized pricing.

SAAV Media Social Media Training

Training & Coaching

We provide group or one-on-one training, both in-person or via video-conferencing. Depending on your needs, we can present an overview of social media marketing or focus-in on one specific platform and customize it to your target audience, industry, and business objectives. We also offer SAAV Media representatives who can fly out to your offices and train your team in-person.